Monday, September 13, 2010

A long yet short week!

Hello viewers/readers! It is me again! First off I'd like to just sit down and exhale a bit because I've inhaled and held my breath for the past week. Haha... I would suggest you to pause here and get a cup of water and a snack because this is going to be a longer post than usual! Don't say that I didn't warn you...

I had three cakes scheduled for this past weekend. Sofia's 1st Birthday Cake, Damon's Miller Lite bottle cake, and Ashley's baby shower cake. And then, my cousin Tony had asked me about four days prior to the weekend that he needed a birthday cake for his god daughter because she's turning one on the upcoming Sunday. As crazy as my schedule for the cakes were, I couldn't decline his request. I just had to do it. =)

My oh my... I started everything about the beginning of the week. I had my little organizer written down on what I was to work on by the day. I had to do everything that I had wrote down no matter what or else I would be behind schedule. So, off to work busy bee Sandia!

First off, I like to get a head start on my visual and design for the cake, so I started with making the top pieces since it takes hours to dry and to harden. For Sofia's cake, her mommy (Trang) was going for the Pink Mod Monkey Theme for Sofia's party, and wanted a cake that went along with her theme. I wanted to fulfill her requests which were 1.) Pink Mod Monkey Theme, 2.) First Birthday, and 3.) her daughters name Sofia Alyse to be on the cake. Trang emailed me the invitation to the party which had Sofia's adorable face on there and I got the idea that I wanted to make a baby Monkey to sit on top of the cake! Originally I wanted the exact smiling face from the theme, but ended up changing a smiling monkey to a monkey sucking on a pacifier. It turned out really cute!

The second cake, Julie's boyfriend's birthday, she wanted to surprise him with a Miller Lite Bottle cake. The hardest part of this cake was the logo. Cutting the letters out, and getting the color and placement right took me a loooooonnnnngg time. I wanted to make it as perfect and as exact as the logo as possible! That was a challenge. Julie loved the cake! She was so surprised when she saw it!


The third cake was Caitlin's 1st Birthday Cake which was my cousin Tonys request. Caitlin's mom had already had an eye on a cake she saw online and would love me if I could make one as close to it as possible. Since I didn't have to think of a design, making Caitlin's cake was less time consuming than Sofia's cake and Ashley's baby shower cake. Tony also requested a mini cake for Caitlin herself. The mini cake was about 3 inches in diameter (bottom tier) and about 3.5 inches in height.

For Ashley's baby shower cake, her friend and party hostess Diem and I exchanged emails. Diem's requests for Ashley's cake were, to put the baby's name on the cake (Ainsley) and to make it girly. Diem sent me the shower invitation and a link of the bedding that Ashley purchased. At first I had a hard time figuring out how the cake should look. I didn't want the cake to look like any other baby shower cake out there. I wanted the cake to be special and have meaning because if I were to put myself in Ashley's shoes, I would want that for my baby shower cake. Ashley specially purchased the white crib online since the store didn't carry it in white. Right there, I immediately had a light bulb moment and got the idea that I could top her cake with her crib and that is what will make her baby shower cake hers and hers only! When I dropped off Ashley's cake, sadly Ashley didn't arrive to the party yet. Oh well, I really wanted to see her reaction to the cake. I hope she liked it!

On Saturday I was sooo dead tired that morning since I had only slept for four hours but I managed to get my butt on time and did my last finishing touches on the cake. I finally met Trang and Sofia, and Sofia was soooooo adorable with her matchy matchy outfit for the Pink Mod Monkey theme! She was such a happy baby! Trang was so sweet, and offered me some food. Her shish kabobs looked amazing! I regret not having any since I was more tired than hungry (hahaha...). I also saw Wendy (who happened to be Trang's cousin) there also! Wendy is my cousin Amy's friend who I remember since I was like 13 years old. What a small world! I also met Ashley there and she was looking forward to her cake for Sunday.

Later that Saturday, Julie came to pick up the Miller Lite bottle cake. Thanks Julie for making the trip out to me! I hope your boyfriend was happy with the cake!

Lastly, I worked on Ashley's cake with some last details that I wanted to add to make it stand out. On Sunday morning around 9 am, Tony and Amy came to pick up the cake. I had prepared the box for Caitlin's cake and her mini cake just before they came to pick it up. Around 11 am, I delivered the cake off to Diem's beautiful home. She had a crepe station set up, and many other little goodies ready for the party. I heard from Ashley that Diem is a photographer! I've always wanted to learn the ways of photography and would love to take classes some day! When I got home, I finally got to catch up on some sleep.

I've had orders and requests here and there but this past week was the most craziest especially because I only have two hands to do it. As time consuming as it may be, I had so much fun making everything! I'm also very happy with the outcome of all of them! The End.

PS: I told ya it was going to be a looonnnng post!