Monday, October 11, 2010

Chanel Purse, Skim Boarding, Hello Kitty Bride and Mango Mousse

Hello all! Its yours truly again! On this post, I’ll be posting two weekends of custom cakes that I have made. They were all very different in terms of themes so I had to come up with a different approaches for each of them.

So I’ll start from the most recent cake. If you have read my posts, Julie (the one who had asked me to make a Miller Lite Bottle cake) had asked me to make a purse cake for her dear friend Diem’s Birthday. I know Diem as well from school so I was very excited! Julie wanted this to be a surprise because she knew that Diem really wanted a purse cake for her birthday. She gave me three different designer brand names that Diem really loved and I went with Chanel. The strap of the purse was a bit tricky but in the end it came together. Since I made a Chanel lipstick, it was only right for me to finish it off with a red lipstick kiss that I painted on the bottom right.

On the second cake, Krista wanted a cake for her son Cody who is turning 18 this year. She told me that Cody loves skim boarding and he also plays basketball for his high school. In the end, Krista favored on the skim boarding cake idea. I made a little igloo lunchbox with a sandwich, banana, and two water bottles… I figured, that Cody would get hungry after hanging out at the beach haha… Thanks Krista! I had a ton of fun making Cody’s cake!

My good friend Vicky was planning a bridal shower for Elaine. She said Elaine LOVES Hello Kitty, and asked if I could make a similar cake as this one for her. She also mentioned that she wanted white tulips on the cake as well. Anything for you Vicky! I loved making the Hello Kitty Bride’s dress and the veil and for the finishing touch, since it’s a bridal “shower” I added an umbrella. Vicky loved the cake when she saw it and so did Elaine!

Last but not least, Tu's wife’s birthday was coming up and he wanted a mango mousse cake. He also requested a peony flower on the cake since it is his wife’s favorite type of flower.

Hope y’all enjoyed the pictures!