Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding cakes & Dr. Suess Cake!

Last weekend was probably the most busiest weekend for me. Phuong's wedding was this past Sunday and a referral client named Ann's twin babies were turning one years old the day before on Saturday.

Phuong is also a referral client from my good friend Linda (the one who I made the Tank Cake for) and she wanted a wedding cake that can serve up to 300 people. She specified on what she wanted in terms of the design of the cake. She dropped off the pink orchids and calla lilies and the rest were up to me to decorate. The flavor of the cake is a vanilla light sponge cake, and it is layered with butter cream and fresh strawberries. Her husband wanted a grooms cake that is carved out in the shape of a fleur de lis. Half of it was to be colored like The Saints team in football, and the other half was to be colored like the Hornets team in basketball. I am sad to say that I don't have pictures of the grooms cake but am trying to request a photo from her. She also wanted 100 pieces of French Macarons. The flavors that she picked were lemon, hazelnut, strawberry, and red velvet. Here are some pictures of her wedding cake:

On Saturday my friend Emily referred her friend Ann to me in regards of a birthday cake for Ann's twin babies who were turning one years old. Coincidentally my friend who's name is also Ann, was having a baby shower on that same day and she is expecting twins! I was notified yesterday that she had given birth to them already so Congratulations Ann and Tony!!! =)

Ann (Emily's friend) wanted a "Thing 1 Thing 2" cake from Dr. Seuss! Her cake was three-tiered and it serves 35 people. We both talked about the decoration of the cake and she liked the idea of Thing 1 and Thing 2 holding a Happy Birthday sign. She also requested that the cake had the number one on there. Her cake was a strawberry layered cake with cream cheese butter cream.

I have to say, my boyfriend was pretty proud of me when I was done with the cakes and macarons! =) He is a busy guy and he still put time aside to assist me when I needed help so thank you and I love you very mucho!!! Also, thank you Henry and Larry for helping me with the wedding cakes! You guys are my best muscle men! =)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

R2D2 Cake and Bunny Baby Shower Cake!

Christi (Maxton's mother) said that Maxton absolutely loves Star Wars and his favorite character is R2D2! He also collects R2D2 figurines and have posters all over his room. After knowing this about Maxton, I knew that I had to make an R2D2 cake. At first I was going to make a carved out cake of R2D2 (like as if R2D2 was lying on the cake board) but then I thought that making R2D2 standing up would definitely make Maxton super happy when he sees it... and I knew that the extra work and effort put in to that cake will make it worth while. Christi wanted to see the cake as soon as I was done with it so I sent her a picture message of the finished product. When Gabe and I delivered the cake, Christi was overjoyed with the finished product and Maxton was very happy and surprised to see his cake! So here's the final product:

The flavor of the cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing.

Hang needed a baby shower cake for her co-worker who's having a baby girl! The top tier had to be sugarless due to a special request from her co-worker and they thought of having a baby bunny cake topper. The baby bunny is dressed up in a baby girl dress and she's also wearing a pink and white baby headband. Intricate piping work was done all around the cake. Hang was super excited when she saw the cake and loved the baby bunny!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Macarons!

For the past weeks I've been having requests on french macarons so I've been developing new flavors! Red Velvet (red), Hazelnut (light brown), and Pistachio (green). They're all made with natural and fresh ingredients. You don't want to miss these new flavors! YUM =)

The Red Velvet is sandwiching cream cheese frosting.

The Hazelnut is sandwiching hazelnut chocolate.

And the Pistachio is sandwiching pistachio nut cream.