Monday, March 29, 2010

My first attempt to cake balls!

Making these little bites were quite fun. I can’t believe it turned out well on my first try.

Since my friends love my red velvet cakes, I decided to make red velvet cake balls. I coated it with white chocolate and decorated it with dark chocolate. They were a big hit at the party and all of them were eaten.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rosa's Pistachio Macarons

A couple of weeks ago, I was experimenting on the different taste of french macarons. As some of you know, french macarons are very popular and it began in France (more predominantly anyway). But spectators say that it is actually an Italian pastry. It is a sandwich cookie, where two biscuits sandwiches either a buttercream, jam, or a ganache filling. The cookie itself is made of egg whites, sugar, and almond powder.

The french macaron is somewhat of a tricky thing to make. I had some problems myself but more importantly, the outcome of the cookie has to have a specified look to it. The shell needs to be shiny, uncracked, with "little feet" at the bottom of the cookie once baked. The texture once bitten into it, is something unlike any other cookie imagined. It has a crisp outer shell with a very soft moist center, a little chewy too. And, when you sandwich the cookie with the proper flavored cream, jam, or ganache, it just makes your taste buds happy.

So I've spoken to Rosa over the phone. She had ordered two dozens of the same pistachio macarons that she had eaten. So here it is!

Vicky's Birthday Cake

This is kind of a late post. My internet has been down so all I could use was my iPhone. Now that it is back up, I wanted to share some pictures on the mousse cake that I made for my good friend Vicky for her birthday. Timmy, her boyfriend had requested a cake from me last week. I told him my idea of a cake for Vicky and he accepted it. =)

So basically what is in this cake is layers of classic genoise, mango mousse, and mango gelee on top. I piped a border of italian meringue then torched it. Some of my friends thought that the meringue looked like marshmellows hehehe. Then, I topped the cake with some fresh fruits and I also made a chocolate bow to go along with the decor.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Diem's Casino Cake

Diem saw my Casino Cake and was interested in buying one. It was perfect since his friend's birthday was coming up. I warmly accepted! I made sure which day he wanted it for, so that I could make it close to the deadline. I wanted it to taste fresh and moist like it just came right out of the oven.

The cake is made with a classic genoise, raspberry sponge roulade, bavarian cream, raspberry jelly. I topped it with some fresh berries and decorative chocolates.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Evelynn's Birthday Cake

A friend of mine wanted to throw her little daughter a very special birthday party in turning one year old. The only thing she specified was to have a two tier cake with some sort of chocolate and vanilla flavor within. I was very excited when she entrusted me to freelance on her daughters birthday cake! =)

The decorating part took me about one day to do and the ribbon on top was made a day ahead to let it dry properly. It is a Chocolate and Vanilla layered vanilla cake with classic butter cream. It is covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing. The letters on the cake is rolled out with a wood textured look. The Flowers and the bow on the top tier are made with gum paste.

Seeing her happy reaction when I dropped it off really made my day. She loved the cake and told me that there were a lot of great comments on it. People said that the cake was moist and tasty as well. Whew! This cake is probably my most favorite project overall =)