Wednesday, August 4, 2010

French Macarons!

You know, I sure don't post enough on French Macarons but I'll try to do so in the future. I had these babies made a couple days ago. I made some, chocolate, caramel, coffee, lemon, and hazelnut Macarons! There were people ordering from me by the dozen! I would like to pat myself on the back... haha....I'm still developing new flavors. French Macaron is such an arising popular treat now. In France its already a big deal, but in the states, its still a mystery cookie. There's an uproar by the Americans on where to buy these little treats because they go on a trip to Europe and came back craving for some but don't know where to buy them.

Henry has been asking for some of my Macarons ever since the first day I made them. He has such a sweet tooth haha. My other fans (good friends) also have been charmed by these french treats and they ask for them everytime they come by for a visit. While some people out there are trying to find places to order them, yall get them from me anytime =)