Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Shower Cake & Cinnamoroll Cake!

Hi everyoneee! This years holiday has been quite busy and I finally got a breather to sit down and post up a couple of cute and unique cakes that I made. =D

The first one here is a baby shower cake for Yanh who's having a baby girl!! Ann and Thien were the party planners for Yanh's shower and Ann contacted me for a cake. I felt honored and happily accepted the request. Ann had a cake design in mind already and wanted me to make a similar cake to one she picked out from pink cake box. She loved the topper and wanted to change the ribbon color from pink and black to pink and gold.

I wanted to customize the girl figure to look as close to Yanh as possible. I made a head band because 90% of the time that I see her, she's wearing a headband hehe. Her husband spoils her with Louboutin heels and since she was pregnant, he suggested she wore flat shoes for safety therefor, I made black Louboutin flats haha... If you look at the second picture where it shows the rear of the cake, you'll see the head band I made coming out of the hair and the red sole of the Louboutin flats. Little shopping bags were made of stores that I know Yanh would shop at. To add a little bit of her husband in there, I added one bag of his favorite place.. "Heroes Collectables" haha... Last but not least, even the message of the cake, "Welcome to the Spotlight Lara!" is an inside joke! (Message of the cake was well thought of by Ann!) =) Everything on the cake top was custom made by hand. The flavor of the cake was vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream.

Next here we have a Cinnamoroll Cake! I'm not sure if you know of this character, but if you're a fan of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Melody... etc., you'll know Cinnamoroll! Derrick contacted me in making his girlfriend Yvonne a birthday cake and showed me an example of this cake. He gave me the go on making a 3D figure of Cinnamoroll instead of the 2D. I didn't want to stop there so I added two more of his buddies so he wouldnt look lonely. =) The flavor of the cake is carrot cake with cream cheese butter cream. A couple of days later, Derrick informed me that Yvonne thought the figures were too cute to be eaten and I informed him on how to save the figures. Hmm... I wonder if Yvonne saved them afterall...