Monday, September 27, 2010

Louboutin Shoe, Spiderman, & Hennessy Bottle!

A lady named Monique wanted to contact me about having one made. She really wanted a cake with this Marie Antoinette Louboutin Shoe and showed me a few other shoes that she really liked also in case I thought the original one was too complicated to make. I went with the first one because I wanted to make her happy and also the first shoe was really challenging... and I love me a challenge!

Monique didn't want the ankle strap on that shoe and also said to not include the "Sample" word down below. Originally, we agreed on a 10 inch round cake with the shoe to sit on top, but I really wanted to make it more special for her and her friend, so I made a rectangular cake and turned that into a shoe box.

Monique came to pick up the cake last Saturday morning and I got to meet her briefly. I loved bubbly personality! Its too bad we didn't get to chit chat longer. =)

Happy First Birthday Caleb!!! Caleb is Gabe's little nephew and he is just one adorable cutie pie! Gabe's sister, Angel, and I exchanged convos about cakes and she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for Caleb's costume party. I was really excited because it was going to be a costume party... which means there were going to be super heroes and such! Then she told me that Caleb got a spiderman costume... and I thought, oh my gosh... making a Spiderman cake would definitely be special for Caleb! =) Originally she just wanted a simple cake for the guests and for Caleb. And, I didn't tell her how the cake was going to look like and such since I wanted it to be a surprise. So after Monique came to pick up her cake, I continued working on the Spiderman cake, finishing some last things that needed to be done. Then Gabe and I headed over to the party. Angel and Brandon (Angel's husband) were really happy with the cake, and so did the guests! Gabe's mom and dad also loved it! Caleb had a slice all to himself as well... I wish I could show ya'll pictures of him eating it. He was super cute!

Afterwards, Gabe and I went back to the house because I had one last cake left. Annie needed a cake for a friend's birthday and wanted a Hennessy bottle shaped cake. I designed the cake to look like that bottle. I hope you and your friends enjoyed the cake Annie!! =)