Saturday, November 5, 2011

Polar Bear Cake!

Thu contacted me in regards of making a birthday cake for her friend Kim. She said Kim LOVES polar bears and wanted to surprise her friend with a polar bear cake! The flavor of the cake is Mocha like the one from my previous post. Each polar bear is handmade with gumpaste. The trees and presents are also made out of gumpaste and colored with edible powder dust. Some edible glitter is also put on there to give the cake a little sparkle. =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tiramisu and Mocha Cake eye candy

Hi Folks!!! I have some exciting news!! Gabe and I just got engaged last Sunday (Aug. 7th, 2011)!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! =) The way he did the proposal is very original and I was very surprised... I pretty much cried from the beginning till the end haha... Tears of JOY!!! Okay, back to the cake post!

My Fiance and my Stepmom's birthdays just passed up so here's a post of a couple of pictures of the two cakes that I made for them!

Gabe loves Tiramisu so every year for his birthday I will make one for him <3. Here's a picture of a new "look". The side is wrapped with cake, and each dark stripe tastes like chocolate cake. The inside is layered with a lady finger recipe of cake soaked in espresso and rum, and mascarpone cheese cream filling. The top is dusted with cocoa powder and fresh fruits.

Next, for my Stepmom's birthday I made a Mocha Cake that is flavored with espresso, dark cocoa, with a hint of hazelnut. Coffee butter cream is then topped with chocolate shavings, and chocolate covered coffee beans. She doesn't eat cakes very much but really enjoyed this one!