Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amy's Acorn Birthday Cake!

My older cousin Amy, had her birthday celebrated on the weekend of the 18th of this month! I was going to post Amy's cake from last weekends project along with this weekends project (since I didnt have time this week) but....... since Amy requested a post earlier this week about her cake, I'd like to give her a special post on its own! =) (Sorry cousin!, I was planning on posting Thursday night but I worked hours straight so this is as early as I could do it!)

So, Amy's husband Eric, planned the surprise birthday and had Amy convinced that she was going to Kathy's (Amy's Friend's) birthday dinner on the 18th of this month. Everyone was going to be there. That means, her dad, stepmom, grandma, Eric's side of the family, along with Kathy and their friends. Tony (Amy's younger brother) had contacted me in making Amy's cake sugar less, and to also make a large cake for all the guests. On the side though, Amy had asked me in private that she wanted a small Hello Kitty cake made for Kathy so she could give it to her as a present!

So... Tony gave me creative rights and said to just make a special decorated cake for Amy. Well everyone knows her as "Amy Acorn" for many years, and it would just be right for me to make an Acorn for her! =) Tony also wanted a cake on the side to cake Amy's face (lol) so we decided to make a hand shaped cake just for that purpose.

Amy was still convinced that she was going to Kathy's birthday dinner. Her dad, step-mom, and grandma were all in this too! Amy and her family, were going to have a small family celebration for lunch the next day and I also pretended that I didn't know. The night ended nice and Gabe and I headed home.

(There was a tragedy that Saturday morning though. Amy's good long time friend, Lan's brother had just passed away so many people paid their respects and couldn't show up for dinner. Lan, my prayers will go out to you, your brother, and your family)