Monday, August 2, 2010

Eli's Panda Cake!

Chi (Eli’s mommy) was planning a special birthday celebration for her youngest daughter in turning three years old! Chi wanted a moist cake with chocolate filling and something along the lines of panda bear because Eli loves panda bears!

A small history of how Chi and I met, goes back to when I had a class with her older brother, Chinh, in High School and he invited me out to play Dance Dance Revolution after school. That is actually how I first became friends with Duyet since he drove us to our destination to DDR. While other girls are going to the mall shopping for clothes and shoes, I hung out with friends almost everyday after school at the arcade, spending my allowance and part time job savings… hee hee hee… I wore comfortable tshirt and baggy work out pants along with a pair of addidas superstars (remember those?) I was young and fearless and felt like I could take on the world! After our DDR show downs, we would head over to Chinh’s house and eat his mom’s awesome homemade Vietnamese food! This is how I met Chi, she’s really nice, very outgoing, and she always has something funny to say.

And now, Chi is now happily married to her husband Khiem, and has two girls Aylani and Eli. I got to meet them briefly and the girls were sooo cute! Thank you Chi for asking me to make Eli’s special birthday cake!

I had so much fun making the pandas that I was giggling to myself on how cute they were. My favorite is the sleeping panda =)