Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tiramisu, Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Gabe!!! My boyfriend, Gabe's birthday was last week so I made him his favorite cake, Tiramisu. We had dinner with his family and everyone loved the taste and texture of the Tiramisu. Gabe took four slices home and generously gave the rest to his family. He was tempted to take the whole thing home! Funny thing was, when we had friends over, he told me not to say anything about the cake being in the fridge so he can have it to himself haha...

Since he lovessss chocolate and rummy cakes so much, I decided to add extra chocolate shavings to his cake. The decor almost makes it look like a Black forest. Each lady finger sponge cake layer was soaked with rum, cream, and cocoa powder. This cake was definitely yuM!

Happy Birthday Nicole!!! Gabe's niece Nicole turned one this past weekend. Her parents (PeiPei & Eddy)had her birthday party at their Sunday Church. Eddy (Gabe's older brother) told me that he met PeiPei at that exact church, married her there, and had Nicole baptized there as well. Everyone there treated each other like family with their warm birthday wishes and chatter. PeiPei lovessss Hello Kitty so she had a Hello Kitty birthday theme for her daughter. Nicole was so pretty dressed up in her cute little outfit and she had a bow on her head like the Hello Kitty did hehe.

Each Hello Kitty cupcake was Strawberry flavored with cream cheese icing. The kids at the party devoured all cupcakes with little to none left on the cupcake stand. Seeing all the happy faces made me feel like a little girl again. =)