Monday, October 18, 2010

Battleship and Cakepops

Angela, needed a custom designed cake for her grandfather's 80th birthday. I had chatted with her briefly and she said her grandfather served in the navy and she would like to have a battleship cake for him. Angela sent me some pictures via email of the battleship her grandfather served on, as well as two insignias. Here are the pictures:

I put much thought on how to design this cake. I wanted the insignias to be on the bottom corners and the top corners to have an american flag, and a compass. BUT I couldnt think of what to put between the flag and the compass... And leaving it blank, to me, felt really unsatisfying and incomplete haha... I thought about it all night, then when I woke up it hit me! Why not draw a gridded map! Yay! =D The drawing managed to be finished minutes before Angela arrived. I snapped some quick pictures and brought the cake to her. She was very surprised and happy on how it turned out. Later, I heard from Tony that her mother cried when she saw the cake. I was very pleased and touched by her mother's reaction.

Happy Birthday John! I have made cakeballs in the past with different flavors such as, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, red velvet, carrot, banana, lemon... the list goes on. I was gonna make a birthday cake, but I wanted to make something fun, light-hearted, and carefree because thats how John's personality is and I thought that he would love it once he sees it! So I turned my cakeballs into cakepops! I made some with nuts and some without it just in case some people at dinner couldnt eat the ones with nuts on them.

(From left to right: Catherine, John, Michael)

(From left to right: Gabe, me, John, Linda, Duyet)

John, Duyet and I have been great friends for a long time, and we celebrated his birthday last week. We went to eat dinner at Tony's Mexican Restaurant. The food was really good and their margaritas were tasty! Everyone had a few rounds of margaritas (not me though, since half a glass would give me the buzz already!). The night ended too fast.... We all hardly see him since he is very busy. We miss you already John!