Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reunion Cake

Some good old friends of mine were planning a summer reunion formal dinner for July 10th and Andy messaged me about needing a cake for the reunion party. Then I met up with Arnell on a dinner to discuss how they would like the cake to be. He invited me to the party but I had to respectfully decline the invitation due to my cousin’s birthday party that same night. But, I was very happy and honored to make their cake. Arnell thought that making a vanilla flavored cake would be best for the majority of the audience there.(Vanilla flavor never fails for the audience)

Andy and Arnell together were a different crowd that I use to hang out with when I was younger (around late high school and early college years). I love them just as much nonetheless and I wish I could hang out more with them. I loved cars back then, especially the ones in the movie Fast and Furious. Andy, myself and a couple of other people use to drive out at night to hang out in parking lots to check out other people's accomplishments in their "moding" of their cars. Then we would head back to Andy's house to hang out there to play video games.

Arnell and I became close friends around that same time. Actually Arnell is everyone's best friend. He's just so friendly, and very easy to get close with. I first met Arnell around High School time when Dance Dance Revolution was popular. We use to have get togethers at his house and during holidays we would make up hiphop dance routines from watching youtube videos, practice and practice for weeks just to give a good show during Christmas and New Year parties. We were good kids, never did drugs and never gotten into trouble. How Fun... those were the days.

It was nice catching up with them with the short time that I had. They liked the picture frame “touch” that I thought of for top tier of the cake and some commented on the flowers that I hand made. What’s a reunion cake if you don’t have everyone’s faces on it?