Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yanh's Cake Balls

My good friend Yanh had a bridal shower and I made some chocolate filled ones covered with dark chocolate, and vanilla filled ones covered with milk chocolate. Of course I had to bring my Red Velvet flavors for those who want to eat them. =) People loved it. I met some of Yanh's close friends and they were really nice. One of them asked me to make a grooms cake for them for the following week. I said, "yeah! I would totally make it for you!"

The picture below there was some that I had saved and wraped for my good friend Vicky since she requested some for herself hehe. I had a Kenneth Cole bag that fit this little gift wrapping perfectly so I used a permanent marker, crossed out the Kenneth Cole name and wrote Sandia's Treats haha! Vicky had a good laugh about it.