Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cheesecake and Macarons!

My good friend Duyet and I have been friends for about ten years and he doesn't really eat sweets. Once in a while he will eat candy (like sour patch kids). If he eats cake, it has to be cheesecake (he loves cheesecake) and ice cream cake. For his birthday, I decided to make Cheesecake for him.

In the past, before I went to culinary school, I've made cheesecakes before. The taste was great but the top would have a huge crack on it. I'm all about presentation and I couldnt bring myself to give it to people when it didnt look good. So what I did was, I invited friends and we would gobble it all up hehe. Since I learned the correct techniques for baking/cooking, the cheesecakes that I make now are all gorgeous! Haha, I know I sound really proud of it but I am! They really come out great.

Anywho, here a couple of pictures of my homemade Cheesecake.

If it wasnt for Duyet, I wouldnt have met Ann. She's one of the sweetest people I have ever met and she just recently got married to her husband Tony, who's birthday is the exact same day as Duyet. Both of them celebrated their birthdays together this year, and this Cheesecake was made for them.

Ann and Tony make a wonderful couple. Very outgoing, funny, and sweet. Ann, had asked me to make some Macarons for her to give as gifts. Since strawberries are in season now, I made strawberry flavored macarons. She was extremely happy when she received them. =)