Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rosa's Pistachio Macarons

A couple of weeks ago, I was experimenting on the different taste of french macarons. As some of you know, french macarons are very popular and it began in France (more predominantly anyway). But spectators say that it is actually an Italian pastry. It is a sandwich cookie, where two biscuits sandwiches either a buttercream, jam, or a ganache filling. The cookie itself is made of egg whites, sugar, and almond powder.

The french macaron is somewhat of a tricky thing to make. I had some problems myself but more importantly, the outcome of the cookie has to have a specified look to it. The shell needs to be shiny, uncracked, with "little feet" at the bottom of the cookie once baked. The texture once bitten into it, is something unlike any other cookie imagined. It has a crisp outer shell with a very soft moist center, a little chewy too. And, when you sandwich the cookie with the proper flavored cream, jam, or ganache, it just makes your taste buds happy.

So I've spoken to Rosa over the phone. She had ordered two dozens of the same pistachio macarons that she had eaten. So here it is!