Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tiramisu and Mocha Cake eye candy

Hi Folks!!! I have some exciting news!! Gabe and I just got engaged last Sunday (Aug. 7th, 2011)!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! =) The way he did the proposal is very original and I was very surprised... I pretty much cried from the beginning till the end haha... Tears of JOY!!! Okay, back to the cake post!

My Fiance and my Stepmom's birthdays just passed up so here's a post of a couple of pictures of the two cakes that I made for them!

Gabe loves Tiramisu so every year for his birthday I will make one for him <3. Here's a picture of a new "look". The side is wrapped with cake, and each dark stripe tastes like chocolate cake. The inside is layered with a lady finger recipe of cake soaked in espresso and rum, and mascarpone cheese cream filling. The top is dusted with cocoa powder and fresh fruits.

Next, for my Stepmom's birthday I made a Mocha Cake that is flavored with espresso, dark cocoa, with a hint of hazelnut. Coffee butter cream is then topped with chocolate shavings, and chocolate covered coffee beans. She doesn't eat cakes very much but really enjoyed this one!