Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ferrari F430 Cake!

I gotta say that this cake was probably one of the most challenging cakes that I've ever made and not to mention, it's my first "car" cake so I was really excited when Melody came to me with this idea.

Melody wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a special and unique birthday cake. She contacted me with a design in mind which is to make a cake in the shape of a Ferrari F430. To top it off, this cake will be more special to her boyfriend Jeremy because it will be a replica of her boyfriend's car. Melody provided me a toy car model for the sculpting of the cake. Her boyfriend only eats cakes that are bittersweet and I had a perfect recipe that I know they'd love. The flavor of this cake was my very own dark chocolate cake, with whipped ganache. The cake had dutch cocoa powder which gave it a more special dark chocolate flavor. The ganache was flavored with my favorite rum and vanilla. I saved some of the carved left overs on the side and my boyfriend made several trips from his computer to the kitchen to take bites lol!

Why was this cake one of the most challenging cakes? Well because as easy as the idea of making a car cake may seem, it's not! I had to make sure that I could get all the measurements as close to the model toy car as possible and to do so, I had my trusty ruler, pencil, paper, and calculator. I felt like I was designing a real car! Haha.. =P I had put lots of hours into this one! Later that evening, Melody sent me a text message saying that the cake was amazing and they enjoyed it very much! My hard work was lifted off of my shoulders after reading this text and I was overjoyed that they enjoyed it so much!

So here is the final product of the cake. I hope you viewers enjoy the overall design.
(A photo of Melody, Jeremy, and the cake!)