Friday, February 11, 2011

"Girl" Thien's Bachelorette Cake

Hallo everyone! As you know, the title of this post is over a bachelorette cake and if you're not over the age of 18, please don't scroll down further... LOL or scroll down anyway but I warned ya! (Just kidding, it's really not that bad...)

As you've read on my previous posts, "girl" Thien and "guy" Thien are engaged and will be tying the knot early March of this year. Vicky and I discussed about what kind of design to make for Thien's single night out. She provided me some pictures of some examples that her and the bridesmaids were looking in to. They also wanted guy Thien's face on the cake. Everything else was up to me to put together. The Thiens have a dog named Rocket, and I thought that the design of the cake would only be complete if Rocket was in the scene with them heheheh.

So the innards of the cake is a vanilla cake with a light cream filling, sprinkled with fresh strawberries between each layer. I started out with the base of the cake, giving it a hardwood floor look using rolling fondant and brush work with edible food color. I then added the orange carpet which I scissored the fondant by giving it a more carpeted feel. (I chose orange because it was girl Thien's favorite color). After the base was complete, I placed the bed (cake) on top of the base, and added the bed frame that I've made beforehand, then created the Thiens on to the bed. Guy Thien wearing socks and girl Thien barefeet. Afterwards, I made the undergarments and placed them around the room for movement. A red Rockets T-shirt was made because guy Thien loves basketball. And last but not least I made Rocket watching them haha. French Macarons were also made on the side for the gals in three flavors, chocolate, lemon, and strawberry.

Girl Thien asks, "Honey, does Rocket need something?"
Guy Thien replies, "Nah, he's just watching."
and Rocket's thoughts were, "They're going at it again..."

Congratulations to both of you! See you at your wedding! =)