Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts

When I was a little girl, my mother would take me to go visit her friend's bakery. Being the socialable lady that she is, she would always go there to buy some pastry then sit down with the owner and catch up. I on the other hand would play with the son of the owner. They use to make jokes on how when the owners son and I grow up, that him and I would get married to one another haha.

My mother would buy egg tarts for me and ever since then, going to the bakery means getting egg tarts for me. I love them! I was craving some and instead, I made some of my own. The crust that I am use to, is the flaky kind that melts in your mouth. My boyfriend however, likes the different kind of crust where it crumbles in your mouth, the Hong Kong version.

So here it is. It wasnt too hard to make and Gabe was quite surprised when he got home. He really liked how it turned out and loved the taste. =)